Are you ready for 2024 tax season? 

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Individual Tax Return

We are offering a promotion (won’t last long) of $99 starting off to file your federal and state tax returns. We honor historical payments, so if you lock in your price now, we will continue to honor that price in the future.

Each additional schedule has an additional fee.

Sole-Prop/Business Returns

We specialize in tax preparations for small businesses and LLCs. The price ranges from $500-$800, depending on the quality of your accounting records.


We offer bookkeeping for $199-$499 monthly, depending on complexity. Ensure all of your documents are completely accounted for without having a reconciliation nightmare at the end of the year. You will have 24/7 access to all of yours books to always stay updated.

Business Formation, EIN, and S-Corp Election - $299, plus state filing fees.

This package includes filing your business formation application, EIN, and IRS form to elect to be taxed as an s-corp for the current year (2024). You can also choose to be taxed as a late s-corp election back to Jan 1, 2023 at the price of $399. S-corp election can be beneficial to businesses who are expecting to receive more than $65,000 in revenue because it reduces the amount owed in self-employment taxes. If you have any questions, please set up a consultation with us to discuss possible tax savings.

Our team

Catalina Services, LLC was founded in West Texas with the principle of providing world-class service without the world-class prices. We are determined to going above and beyond for each one of our clients to provide the best experience possible.

Jasmine Calvillo


Neyzaret Hernandez

Office Admin

About us

Words from our founding CEO:


“Hello! Thank you so much for your interest in our services! I’m a virtual tax professional licensed in all 50 states with over 10 years of tax preparation experience. I founded this company in hopes of providing world-class service to everyone, including remote tax preparation services. In all honesty, the tax industry is seeing a major shift in how technology has improved the preparation methods—no more needing to call off of work to schedule an in-person visit with your tax preparer, having to file via “snail-mail”, nor having to return to said office in case an amendment has to be filed. I am excited to be a part of this fascinating industry shift and hope you are too!


With that being said, my team and I are dedicated to staying up to date on new tax laws so that when it comes time to filing, we are able to fully discuss with you what every detail means and ensure you receive every dollar you deserve. I believe that knowledge is power, and I want to conclude our services with you feeling more knowledgeable than before! I cannot wait to work with you, and thank you for trusting us with your business.


Have any questions? Let’s chat!”


-Jasmine Calvillo


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